You must agree to all rules and regulations for video visitation before authorization is granted.

  1. All visitors must register at or at the jail lobby kiosk.  All information upon registering must be accurate.  If the visitor’s information is incorrect at check-in with what is on the register’s identification, your visit will not be allowed until all information is updated and correct.
  2. Visitors found to be using a false name or identification will result in suspension of visit privileges for one (1) year.
  3. One child visitor can visit with a registered adult at the Allen County Jail.  Two adults and up to two children can participate in internet visits as long as both adults are registered visitors.  If person(s) are not registered they may not participate in any visit.
  4. No rude or vulgar behavior / language will be allowed.  No flashing or showing body parts or lewd behavior.  Clothing worn by all visitors must be in good taste and appropriate.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to use cell phones or any recording devices during the visitation session.  Visitors may not show pictures, letters, documents or any other items during visits.  Violations of this policy may result in suspension of visitation for up to 1 year.
  6. Visitors must report and check-in at the jail lobby at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit.  There is no check-in requirement for scheduled internet visits.
  7. Failure to report to a scheduled visit will count as a visitation session for both the inmate and the visitor.  Visits can be cancelled through the visitation scheduling portal.
  8. No food or drink will be allowed in the jail lobby.
  9. When a minor child accompanies a registered adult visitor, they must maintain control of the child while in the jail lobby.
  10. All visitors must not have been incarcerated for at least 90 days prior to the visitation.
  11. Eligible inmates are allowed one 25 minute visit per week from the jail lobby.  Internet visits are also 25 minutes but are unlimited.
  12. Proper lighting must be utilized to allow for the visitor to be properly seen.  If the visitor cannot be seen the visit will be terminated.
  13. When using the GTL VisMobile app on a cell phone you may not take screen shots, record or perform any other activity on the cell phone during the visit.