Special Units

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department Special Operations and Training Division are overseen by a Police Captain. The division includes firearms instructors and  K-9 Master Trainers. The division oversees training for the Sheriff’s Department in a variety of subjects including:

Firearms (for ACPD and other agencies such as the Probation Dept.)

  • Use of force
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Basic and in-service K-9 training
  • State mandated in-service training

In addition to being responsible for department wide training, the Captain of the division has overall responsibility for the department’s SWAT team and their training.

The Training Division provides instructors for the Allen County Sheriff’s Reserve Academy, Jail Officers Training, and the Citizens Academy.

K9 Program

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department is fortunate to have a top notch K-9 program. The K-9 program has been an integral part of the department for many years.

In addition to training K-9 general utility teams, the academy has also trained specialty K-9s such as narcotics, explosives detection dogs and School Resource Canine teams©.

Contact Master K-9 Trainer Sergeant Harris with any questions. tyler.harris@co.allen.in.us


The Allen County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team will provide assistance to all divisions as required and to other agencies as requested. The team’s primary focus is to assist in high risk situations where the use of a highly trained and specially equipped group of officers is appropriate.

The team is supplemented by medics, negotiators, detectives, and Allen County Reserve perimeter team members as necessary.

The team will operate independently of other agencies/divisions in situations such as search warrant execution. In other situations the team may be involved in incidents appropriate to the use of the Incident Command System and may come under the general direction of a unified command.