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Police officer on Bike

Community Resource Officers

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department currently has FOUR Community Resource Officers (CROs) that serve our smaller communities within Allen County.


  • The CROs are Allen County Sheriff’s Department police officers who are assigned full-time to work in the towns of:
  • Huntertown
  • Leo-Cedarville
  • Grabill
  • Monroeville
    These towns have contracted with the Sheriff’s Department to provide police services to their communities in lieu of creating their own police departments. This partnership allows the town to save money for their taxpayers, while providing police service to their citizens with the full backing and resources of the Sheriff’s Department.
  • The CROs assigned to the town are assigned full-time to their respective areas and were selected by the respective towns through an interview process of eligible Sheriff Department officers.
  • The CROs spend the entirety of their shift working in their assigned towns, performing all aspects of police services from patrolling in neighborhoods to criminal investigations and listening to residents’  concerns about their communities.
  • The CROs build relationships with local business owners, residents, and town officials to better provide personal service and to better understand the communities they serve.