Captain Steve Stone

StoneSteve Stone is a Captain with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department where he currently serves as the Captain of Administration as well as the Public Information Officer/Spokesperson.  As the Captain of Administration, Captain Stone’s responsibilities include overseeing the maintaining the Warrants & Fugitive Division, Civil Division, Sex Offender Registry, Human Resources, Bureau of Identification, Internal Affairs, Office of Public Information, and Comptroller. As the departments spokesperson Captain Stone is responsible for gathering facts and distributing them to the media.  He is responsible for organizing special events such as news conferences and awards ceremonies. Maintaining a social media presence is also a part of Captain Stone’s duties.

As the job title suggests, public information officers are the public face of an organization. They plan and hold press conferences to announce major news or provide essential information in a crisis. They also decide how much information to release, answer on-the-spot questions when possible, and provide updates as developments change. Sometimes this requires the PIO to travel to a crisis or event site without advance notice. They must coordinate details with staff and superiors there and present the information clearly and calmly to the public and news media.

Captain Stone has been a police officer for over 32 years and served as a commissioned officer in the Confinement Division, Civil Division, Detective in the Vice and Narcotics Metro Squad, Warrants and Fugitive Division, Administration, and a member of the Allen County SWAT Team.