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Civil Division

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department Civil Division is most visible at the Allen County Courthouse. The Civil Division is responsible for security in 25 court/hearing rooms, 3 buildings and for 25 judges/magistrates. The Civil Division’s officers transport prisoners, serve subpoenas and protective orders, collect delinquent taxes and conduct Sheriff sales on foreclosed properties.

The Civil Division is staffed by both police officers and civilian court security personnel. Court security personnel are responsible for screening visitors to the Allen County Courthouse, the Courthouse Annex and the Charles “Bud” Meeks Justice Center.

For questions regarding the Civil Division contact: Lt. Wayne Redding:


Service Information for Civil Papers – Please read as this information has changed.

BEGINNING July 1, 2017:

There is a $28.00 fee per case for papers filed within the State of Indiana.  There is an ADDITIONAL $28.00 fee per case for any post-judgment service.  There are no refunds.  The clerk’s office accepts Sheriff fee payments for the service by credit card, cash, money order, cashier check, business check or personal check. Payments should be made payable to the Allen County Clerk.  Payment will be accepted through the e-filing service provider or at the clerk’s public counters.

If you are sending papers for service filed in another county in Indiana, there will be a $28.00 fee per case.  For any post-judgment service there will be an additional $28.00 fee per case.

If you are sending papers for service filed outside the State of Indiana, there is a $60.00 fee for each person and/or address to be served. If submitting a protective order the fee will be waived.

For cases generated out-of-state the filer will need to submit the service fee directly to the sheriff’s office with their service documents.

Return of service will be forwarded to the Clerk’s office of the court that has jurisdiction in the case.

For service you must provide:

  1. THREE COPIES of all papers to be served. We do not make copies.
  2. Name and address of the person to be served.
  3. A return of service form. If a return form is not included, we will use our standard form.
  4. Proof of payment.

You may bring your papers for service to the Allen County Sheriff’s Department Civil Division, or send them by mail to the Allen County Courthouse:

Allen County Sheriff’s Department
Attn:  Civil Process, Room 100
715 S. Calhoun St.
Fort Wayne, IN  46802


Tax Warrant Information

We are only authorized to collect payments. If you wish to dispute the amount owed, please contact the Indiana Department of Revenue directly. To set up a payment plan, call 260-449-7632. A minimum of 20% of the total amount due, and a $28 processing fee (per IC 33-37-3-1) payable to The Sheriff of Allen County will start a payment plan towards your judgment.

You are responsible for remembering your payment every month. Your first payment is due one month from the date you receive your warrant. Once your first payment is received, your account will be put on a payment plan. As long as you are making your monthly payments, you do not need to appear for your court date and you will receive no further notices from us concerning your warrant. Your payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  1. To pay by credit card, visit
  2. You may mail your payment to our office at the address listed below. Please be sure to include your warrant number on your  cashier’s check or money order. We do not accept personal checks.
  3. You may bring your payment to our office. We are in Room 100 of the
    Courthouse. We do not make change so please bring the correct amount to
    the nearest dollar.

Our contact information is as follows:

Sheriff of Allen County
Civil Division
715 S. Calhoun Street Room 100
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

(260) 449-7632 for general information
(260) 449-3823 for civil paper service information

Sheriff Sales

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