Sheriff Gladieux Releases Statement

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

I am among the privileged whom wake up every day to serve our fellow citizens by promoting their safety and security.

I have spent my entire adult life, since my graduation from high school, as a law enforcement officer. I worked 14 years as a Road Patrol Officer, almost all of them as K9 dog handler. I served on our Swat Team, and as a Major Crimes investigator.

Throughout my career I actively pursued every opportunity to learn, grow and develop as a person, an officer and a leader. My attendance and graduation from the FBI’s National Academy, joining the ranks of less than one percent of law enforcement personnel, was personal validation of my efforts and focus.

But, the honor of my life occurred in December 2014 when I became Sheriff of Allen County. My selection by Allen County citizens to serve as their Sheriff has been both humbling and inspiring.

Consequently, the unnecessary and preventable incident with the young man last summer has been the most instructive and leveling experience of my career. I apologize again to him, his family, the men and women of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of Allen County. I understand that regardless of the facts, as the Sheriff I bear responsibility that such incident occurred.

Thus, I understand and agree with the frustration and disappointment expressed by County Council and willingly agree to reimburse the Allen County General Fund the full $55,000 settlement sum paid to settle the lawsuit arising from the incident.

I will wake up every day of my remaining term of office with the same commitment, energy and passion to protect and serve, but also to continue to learn, grow and develop as a person, officer and leader.

We need, as a community, to put this incident to rest. I accepted responsibility in both legal matters and with re-payment of the settlement, seek to have us – all of us – focus on the critical work of the Sheriff’s Department and our community for a safer, more inclusive and prosperous Allen County.

Sheriff David Gladieux