Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Local law enforcement is again receiving numerous calls in reference to phone scams currently taking place in Fort Wayne and Allen County.

In the first scam, the caller claims to be a member of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.  The victim is told that warrants have been issued for their arrest for missing Jury Duty.  They are instructed to go to a store and purchase a pre-pay cash card.  Once the card is purchased, the suspects can electronically withdrawal the money from the card.  The victim is told that once they appear in court the money will be refunded to them.

In the second scam the victim is told that the caller is with the IRS and they are delinquent on taxes and the sheriff will arrive within the hour to place them under arrest.  They are then informed to complete the same steps as the first scam.

The scammers will change names, dollar amounts, payment methods and reasons for the arrest warrants.  The IRS will not call you by phone and send someone to your home to arrest you.  The Sheriff’s department will not call you and request you electronically pay a bond or bail amount to stop from being arrested.  It you receive a call asking for money please ask for contact information and call your local police department.



Captain Steve Stone
Public Information Officer
Allen County Sheriff’s Department
715 S. Calhoun Street, Room #101
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Office: (260)449-4954