Scam Alert For Sex Offenders

Phone Scam Targets Registered Sex Offenders

The scam involves telephone calls to registrants from someone claiming to be from the registry office or other law enforcement who says the registrant is somehow not complying with their registration requirements. Sometimes the caller claims there is a warrant for the offender’s arrest. The caller then tells the registrant that the only way they can resolve the issue is by buying a cash card or arranging a money transfer.

Be aware

  • Law Enforcement will never call registrants to ask for money over the phone to comply with registration requirements.
  • Law Enforcement does not call to threaten registrants with arrest for not paying registration fees.
  • You can ONLY pay your registration fees in our office.
  • The registry does NOT publish registrant’s phone numbers.  It is unclear how scammers are obtaining them.

If you get a call from anyone claiming to be law enforcement that says you are in trouble in some way, or demands money from you to settle an arrest warrant, do not do it.

Allen County Sheriff’s Department
Mike Smothermon: (260)449-8612
Jeff Halsey: (260)449-3074