Luke Bryan Concert Traffic Plan 2017


Luke Bryan Concert Traffic Plan 2017
Event Date – October 5, 2017 Location – 14317 E. Tillman Road 

Please not that this year Tillman road is the only way in and out. 

Ingress (Going to the concert) 

From the WEST

  • US 30 (EB) to Franke Rd (SB) to Tillman Rd (EB). Length from US 30 is 3.1 miles.
  • Tillman Rd from I-469 directly to event. Length from I-469 is 4.0 miles.

From the EAST

  • US 30 (WB) to Webster Rd (SB) to Tillman Rd (WB). Length from US 30 is 2.7 miles. 

Egress (Leaving after the concert)

Westbound Exiting Vehicles
Tillman Road (WB) to I-469 (Law enforcement needed to restrict all right turns to avoid left turn
movements onto US 30.

Eastbound Exiting Vehicles

  • Tillman Rd (EB) to Webster Rd (NB) to US 30 (EB).
    o Vehicles may be permitted to turn north or south onto Webster Rd.
    o All NB vehicles on Webster Rd must turn right onto US 30 (EB)

Attachment #1 is the notice of roadway closure, inbound (red) and outbound (blue) traffic maps for the concert.

Ingress Map

Ingress Map

Attachment #2 is the site map.  Designated pick, after the show, will be between parking gate 2 and 3.  There will be a designated, marked off area, near the roadway.

Egress Map

Egress Map