Investigation at Leo Jr/Sr High School


DATE: MARCH 2, 2018
Investigation at Leo Jr/Sr High School

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department was notified about threats made from one former Leo Jr/Sr High School student to a current student within the last week. That threat occurred outside of the school and was made via social media. Since that time, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department worked with East Allen County School officials to ensure that the situation be put to rest.

Since then, fabricated rumors about the threats began to make their way to other social media sites, causing concern for students and parents at Leo Jr/Sr High School on Thursday night, March 1, 2018. The Allen County Sheriff’s Department investigated the new information and determined that there were no credible threats towards the school at any time.

During an additional investigation on Friday March 2, 2018, it was learned that a current student embellished details of the rumors to other students, going as far as putting posts on social media, causing great concern. After over a dozen interviews, it was learned that this student created the information himself and passed it along to others, in an apparent effort to leave everyone anxious and afraid. This third student mentioned had no involvement in the original incident between the former student and current student. The third student was arrested for Intimidation and Disorderly Conduct and was taken to the Allen County Juvenile Center.

Corporal Adam Griffith
Allen County Sheriff’s Department
Detective – Public Information Officer