Information Regarding Southwest Allen County Schools Incident

On February 9, 2023, School Resource Officers with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department were assisting Southwest Allen County Schools staff as they investigated an incident that occurred outside of school. Students at Homestead High School gathered in the auditorium and spoke about issues at hand for several hours. After the students returned to class, the Sheriff’s Department received reports of a new social media post that indicated someone had a weapon, and was waiting in the parking lot of Homestead High School, tagging their location. Officers scoured the lot and began investigating this incident, but nobody was located. The person who was the registered user of the account was identified as a student from another school, outside of Southwest Allen County Schools. The student was located their respective school while it was still in session. Allen County Detectives ultimately interviewed the juvenile suspect with their parent(s) present. The juvenile suspect was taken into custody for their involvement.

UPDATE: It was discovered that the juvenile suspect used a Google image to falsify their location in the photo with the threat. Therefore, we have no reason to believe the suspect was ever at Homestead H.S.

Cpl. Adam Griffith
School Resource Officer Supervisor
Asst. Public Information Officer