Allen County Benefits From Inmate Computer Tablet Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                       September 28, 2017

Sheriff David J. Gladieux, partnered with Global Tel Link (GTL), has worked for more than a year to supply each Allen County Jail inmate with a tablet computer. The Inspire devices, at no cost to the taxpayer, are equipped with secure features which allow inmates to work on personal rehabilitation while serving their sentences. This decision was not taken lightly, as the Sheriff’s intention is not to pamper inmates or make their stay more enjoyable. The tablets will provide inmates with access to materials that we are legally required to provide, in a paperless format, which in turn, will alleviate strain on jail employees, resources, and mitigate potential litigation. The ultimate goal of implementing tablets is to streamline jail operations, and to provide a more cost efficient facility. All of this is at no cost to taxpayers.

An Inspire Inmate Communication Device allows inmates to make phone calls, send short messages, and purchase games, music, and books.  The devices also have a calculator and are equipped to download documents such as PDFs, legal documents, the Bible, Koran, and more, in a secure monitored environment.  Additionally, the Inspire ICD is an excellent inmate management tool for confinement officers. There is incentive to follow jail rules to obtain access to the ICDs. This will perpetuate good behavior among jail facility population. Other correctional facilities that have had inmate tablet programs implemented have reported significant decreases in inmate to officer assaults, inmate to inmate assaults, and inmate suicide attempts, thus making the correctional environment safer for everyone.

Currently, The Allen County Jail has over 700 inmates with tablets assigned to them.  An inmate will receive a tablet upon intake to the jail. The only exception to who receives a tablet are inmates who have previously destroyed a tablet, those who have demonstrated a history of destroying jail property, and those inmates deemed too mentally ill to be responsible for a tablet. E-books and games have a one day free trial, with fees associated for additional days. Music streaming has no free trial due to licensing restrictions. The only free apps are Document Link and Calculator.

Thirty day subscriptions:         Fourteen Day subscriptions:           Seven day subscriptions:
Music: $24.99 +tax                                  Music: $14.99 +tax                                           Music: $7.99 +tax
Games: $5.99 +tax                                   Games: $3.74 +tax                                           Games: $2.49 +tax
EBooks: $3.99 +tax                                 EBooks: $2.74 +tax                                          EBooks: $1.49 +tax

Messaging is a simplified and restricted form of email. Each message costs $0.25 (sent or received) and allows up to 2000 characters.  The non-inmate has to initiate contact and add the inmate as a contact in order for the inmate to message that person. The website that the public will use to set up an account is Soon, friends and family can send photos and 15 second video messages at an additional cost ($.25 each photo, $1 for each 15 second video clip), which are reviewed by jail staff before the inmate can receive them. Inmates cannot send any photos or videos. The calling feature on the tablets operates the same way as the phones on the wall with the same cost and restrictions.

Applications currently in development include movie streaming, inmate request forms, commissary ordering, and newsfeeds. There are future plans to utilize the tablets as a video visitation system.

Inmates have no access to the internet, social media, or YouTube. All interaction occurs with an onsite server. GTL and the jail monitor the activity of the inmates, who sign waivers agreeing to the conditions before receiving a tablet.

The tablets are funded entirely through the cost of the apps.

Captain Steve Stone, Public Information Officer