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Offender Against Children Statute

Offenders Against Children



Please visit to view the complete text of the Offender Against Children statute IC 35-42-4-11

The term, "offender against children" means a person required to register as a sex offender under IC 11-8-8 who has been:

  (1) found to be a sexually violent predator under IC 35-38-1-7.5; or
        (2) convicted of one (1) or more of the following offenses:
            (A) Child molesting (IC 35-42-4-3).
            (B) Child exploitation (
IC 35-42-4-4(b)).
            (C) Child solicitation (
IC 35-42-4-6).
(D) Child seduction (IC 35-42-4-7).
            (E) Kidnapping (
IC 35-42-3-2), if the victim is less than 18 years of age.
            (F) An offense in another jurisdiction that is substantially similar to an offense described in clauses (A) through (E).

Offenders Against Children cannot spend more than 3 nights in any residence within 1000 feet of school property, youth program centers, or public parks.

Offenders Against Children cannot live within one mile of their victim

Offenders Against Children must register for either 10 years or life.

If the offender was convicted of a sex offense against a victim who was under the age of 12, or the offender used force or the threat of force, then the Offender Against Children must register for life.