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Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s Cadet Class Graduation

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DATE:             November 5, 2010




WHAT:            Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s Cadet Class Graduation


WHEN:            Monday, November 8, 2010

                        7:00 p.m.


WHERE:          Allen County Courthouse, Rotunda



            After completion of a 6-week course that began October 2, 2010, fifteen Allen County residents will graduate from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department’s fourth Cadet Class.  The Cadet Class has been meeting every Saturday and Monday to enhance the partnership between the Sheriff’s Department and the youth of Allen County. The Sheriff’s Department hopes to reduce crime by enlightening the youths about the overall mission of law enforcement.


     Class attendees received an overview of what the Sheriff’s Department does and how it operates.  Training sessions included: Emergency Vehicle Operations, Firearms Training, CPR Certification and Handcuffing Techniques. 


     After graduation the cadets will be required to volunteer 4 hours a month with the Sheriff’s Department.  The graduating cadets are as follows:


Officer Jason Baker (Lead Instructor/Mentor)


Cody J. Colwell                         Alex N. Will                             Taylor M. Horn

Austin P. Whisler                     Natalie A. Zimmerman             Joshua D. Snyder

David M. Freygang                 Meghan M. Oetinger                Daniel Chiu

Justin M. Gust                         Jonah M. Smith                       William W.S. Ternet

Gavin J. Dambra                     Kandace R. Young                   Traycie L. Linker


CONTACT:        Lt Steve Stone

                        Public Information Officer