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Allen County Confinement Mail Procedure

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Allen County Confinement Mail Procedure

Revised/Effective 4/5/13




1.        Outgoing mail will not be inspected, censored, delayed, withheld or otherwise circumvented unless reliable investigative information shows that the security and safety of the Allen County Confinement Center inmates and staff are at risk.


2.        There is not a limit to the number of letters or greeting cards that an inmate may

send from this facility at his/her own expense.


3.        Written correspondence between inmates within the Allen County Confinement Center is prohibited.  The Sheriff or his designee may restrict correspondence between inmates in this facility and to or from other penal institutions.


4.        There is no restriction on the number of letters an inmate may receive.


5.        Inmates may elect to keep up to fifteen (15) letters.  After fifteen (15), the letters will be placed into the inmate’s personal property or thrown away with the inmate’s consent.


6.        Incoming mail without a complete return address showing the name and address of the sender will be returned to the postal service.


7.        Four (4) envelopes are contained in each indigent pack to be used for the inmate’s legal mail.  Envelopes left over may be used for personal mail.  Large envelopes will be furnished to indigent inmates for legal mail when the legal correspondence will not fit into a standard envelope.


8.        Inmates will not be allowed to read or look at incoming mail that contains any unacceptable items.  These will be placed into the inmate’s personal property. Unacceptable items in incoming mail may include, but are not limited to; photographs, pictures, copies of pictures, graphics of any kind, hand-drawn pictures, greeting cards, copies of greeting cards, stamps, envelopes, magazines, copies of magazines, newspaper articles, copies of newspaper articles, internet pages, copies of internet pages, books, copies of books, stickers, glitter, perfumed letters, legal discoveries, boxes, parcels, packages, commercial mail, lipstick on letters, postcards or envelopes and letters written in colored ink, pencil, marker or crayon. 


9.        Letters with incomplete return addresses or containing pictures, greeting cards, graphics of any kind, or letters that have perfume on them will be sent back to the postal service to be returned to the sender.


10.     Acceptable mail may include, but is not limited to; letters handwritten in black or blue ink.  Letters typed on a computer or typewriter, legal paperwork typed or written, letters written or typed on white lined or unlined paper, letters written on yellow legal pad paper, absentee ballots, tax forms and internet printouts with Indiana Codes or Federal/State Case Citations.  Cash, US postal money orders only, certified checks, government checks or payroll checks from a recognized employer and drawn on a local bank, will be accepted and credited to the appropriate inmate cash account after proper endorsement by the inmate, at which time they will receive a receipt.



CONTACT:            Corporal Tinkel

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