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K-9 Graduation

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Date:               Friday, June 13, 2008          

Time:            10:00 a.m.     

Location:            Courthouse Rotunda

Event:              K-9 Graduation



     Allen County Sheriff’s Department Master K-9 Trainers, Robert L. Compton and O. Scott Roberts will help Captain Shawn Lawhorn and Chief Deputy David Gladieux present certificates to the graduating K-9 academy class on Friday, June 13th  in the Allen County Courthouse.


     The class has recently undergone 14 weeks of intense training and is certified in the areas of: Obedience Control, Evidence Search, Area Search, Building Search, Tracking, Aggression Control and the Detection of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and Ecstasy. 



     The following is a list of officers who will graduate and their respective departments.


Trooper Kevin W. Waters and K-9 Andy (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Michael C. Finney and K-9 Sabre (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Shane L. Stephens and K-9 Jaxx (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Daniel L. Hearon and K-9 Samson (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Kevin W. Brown and K-9 Rydr (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Kendrick D. Donald and K-9 Murtaugh (Indiana State Police)

Trooper Brad D. Shultz and K-9 Gunnar (Indiana State Police)

Deputy Brian M. Emelander and K-9 Tyson (LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department)

Officer Joseph A. Cox and K-9 Gunny (Allen County Sheriff’s Department)





CONTACT:     Steve Stone

                        Public Information Officer