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Allen County Police Reserve Graduation

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Media Event:


Date:               Monday, April 16, 2007       

Time:            7:00 p.m.       

Location:            Allen County Reserve Training Center


3022 Easterday Rd.

Event:              Allen County Police Reserve Graduation


     The Allen County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Organization will add 20 new police officers to its ranks on Monday, April 16, 2007.   The officers will graduate after completing 421 hours of training.


     The class has recently undergone intense training, to include: Criminal Law, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Traffic Stops, Domestic Violence and Juvenile Law.  After graduation the officers will be assigned to various divisions within the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.


     The following is a list of officers who will graduate:


1)      Anastacia B. Cercone                           12) James L Krueger

2)      Grant Cowan                                        13) Dewayne H. McClish

3)      Bradley D. Coy                                    14) Jason Patrick Michael

4)      John D. Edgar Jr.                                  15) Lyle Miller (Lagrange County)

5)      Terrance Gephart                                 16) John Charles Nichter

6)      Duane M. Gillum                                  17) Adam R. Nix

7)      Gabriel M. Gonzalez                             18) Christopher G. Olszk

8)      Bradley M. Holmes                              19) Ryan Lee Petty

9)      Jeffrey C. Hunter                                  20) Andrew L. Stabler

10)  Michel Jones                                        21) Brandi Elise Wissler

11)  Daniel A. Kerr                                      22) Thomas Paul Plummer

       The graduation certificates will be presented by Sheriff Kenneth C. Fries.

CONTACT:  Steven A. Stone

                      Public Information Officer    

                      (260) 449-4954