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Allen County Drug Task Force

The Allen County Drug Task Force consists of multiple police agencies in and around the Allen County Area. Together these agencies conduct drug investigations and identify the major criminal figures involved in the sale and importation of drugs in this area. Officers are involved in many different types of covert investigations. Many training hours are spent teaching an officer the different methods used in conducting a criminal case of this type.

The Drug Task Force fully cooperates with many Federal and State Agencies throughout the United States. Government offices such as the F.B.I., D.E.A., A.T.F.E., and the United States Attorney’s Office lend a hand when requested. We also work with police agencies from as far away as California, Arizona, and Texas.

Over its history the Allen County Drug Task Force has seized through either state or federal court, millions of dollars identified as drug proceeds. A percentage of these funds were returned to the Drug Task Force. Those funds have been used to purchase all of the specialized equipment used by the Task Force. No taxpayer funds have been used for equipment.