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Fire work or noise permit
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We have a softball tournament in July every year and people from all over the state come to play and bring fireworks. Is there a permit we can get so it would be legal for them to shoot off the fireworks until 1am?

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Indiana Code 22-11-14-2 states the following in regards to your permit question:

(a) The fire prevention and building safety commission shall:
(1) adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 for the granting of permits for supervised public displays of fireworks by municipalities, fair associations, amusement parks, and other organizations or groups of individuals; and
(2) establish by rule the fee for the permit, which shall be paid into the fire and building services fund created under IC 22-12-6-1.
(b) The application for a permit required under subsection (a) must:
(1) name a competent operator who is to officiate at the display;
(2) set forth a brief resume of the operator's experience;
(3) be made in writing; and
(4) be received with the applicable fee by the division of fire and building safety at least five (5) business days before the display.
No operator who has a prior conviction for violating this chapter may operate any display for one (1) year after the conviction.
(c) Every display shall be handled by a qualified operator approved by the chief of the fire department of the municipality in which the display is to be held. A display shall be located, discharged, or fired as, in the opinion of:
(1) the chief of the fire department of the city or town in which the display is to be held; or
(2) the township fire chief or the fire chief of the municipality nearest the site proposed, in the case of a display to be held outside of the corporate limits of any city or town;
after proper inspection, is not hazardous to property or person.
(d) A permit granted under this section is not transferable.
(e) A denial of a permit by a municipality shall be issued in writing before the date of the display.
(f) A person may not possess, transport, or deliver special fireworks, except as authorized under this section.
(Formerly: Acts 1939, c.154, s.2; Acts 1951, c.251, s.1; Acts 1972, P.L.178, SEC.1; Acts 1975, P.L.259, SEC.2.) As amended by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.2249; P.L.229-1985, SEC.2; P.L.3-1990, SEC.78; P.L.2-1995, SEC.86; P.L.168-1996, SEC.2; P.L.25-2004, SEC.2; P.L.1-2006, SEC.346; P.L.187-2006, SEC.2.

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