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Allen County Sheriff Cadet Program

The Allen County Police Cadet program is a voluntary, non-enforcement organization affiliated with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department which provides young people with exposure to the field of law enforcement and therefore is beneficial to those interested in this particular career. Cadets will receive continuous law enforcement training, develop individual knowledge and skills. The program will allow them to meet others their age with similar interests. The Cadet program is designed to benefit responsible, honest and hard-working youths.


The Cadet Academy will be a yearly event that will begin with an open house. Applications are taken in an open enrollment. The enrollment is closed at the end of the open house and all applications considered will be put through a process for acceptance.


The Academy will be held during each monthly meeting night for 8 months and the 9 month will culminate with the graduation ceremonies held at the Main Courthouse Rotunda.


Accepting applications: September 1st thru October meeting.

After Graduation:

After the completion of the Academy Cadets will begin volunteering in assigned divisions of the Sheriff's Department alongside police officers. Cadets will also be participating in parades, demos, and other public service events.


Applications can be picked up at the following locations:

Please turn in completed application packets to the Allen County Sheriff's Department Training Division located at 5080 Adams Center Rd., Ft. Wayne, IN 46806. To obtain further information about the Allen County Police Cadets please contact Corporal Benjamin Fries at (260)449-7466: